Physical Assessment Form

A physical Assessment form is used by doctor to evaluate the physical condition of any individual, by utilizing knowledge, skills and tools of health history and physical exam. A physical assessment form includes, list of current medicines you take, list of any pain you are expecting to feel, result from any recent test or reports, medical history, name and contact of the other doctors, etc. In another word, it will provide a snap shot of their physical health status.

While hiring any candidate, most of the multi nation companies and government institution demands health assessment form to verify his physical or mental fitness. It allows employer to evaluate the changing in physical behavior and health risk over the time period. Whether you are applying for insurance or wanted to travel in another country, you will also need to present a physical health assessment form. A physical assessment form is mostly recommended for people over the age of 50, to continue check his physical condition.

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Physical Assessment Form

Name: Physical Assessment Form

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